Thursday, August 11, 2005

API has been published,emergency called for Klang Valley dwellers

The best thing is pray to god since haze is getting worse and worst. since this evening,i heard from my pal that API(Air Pollutant Index) in Klang already reached 500API and just waiting from our deputy minister,Najib to announce the emergency or "darurat" which means we being advised to stay at home. I went to the Department of Environment website and the place that are considered as hazardous such in Putrajaya-364 API, Kl-321 API, Kuala Selangor-531API, S.Alam-371 API, PJ-349 API and Klang Port-529 API. This reading was at 11am.I really depressed since we cannot run or even hide from this disaster since everywhere we can smell the acrid burnt causing us sore throat and to our eyes. The worse part is for those who has respiratory problem including my luv one since she has asthma.I hope she can get rid of it. So,for those who has the respiratory problem,pleasee...stay at home.
P/s: U can check this API at

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