Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bye-Bye Internship...Welcome to Real-Work

Few days to go till 26th Aug 05,after that my internship will be ended officially. Then,i will come back to my hometown for such period that i don't know to settle down several things before started my real work. The point that i would like to share is i will leaving all happiness i get here...with my lil cousins,experience i get during my internship with staffs here especially my gurus,Mr Subas and Abg Fuad.I will remember such memories i get here,really valuable and never been erased in my mind.Em,here i included pictures even not half of my memories but i think it's enuff to show that i will really miss them later.Thanks and sayonara!

My lil cousin,left is Jisya and right is Ariff

One of my gurus here, Abg Fuad

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