Friday, August 12, 2005

Finally...we can see sunlight

I feel relief because finally i can see the blue sky and heat from sunlight.if two days ago,most people wore mask protector to protect from particles brought by thick haze i can say the scenario wasnt same for today.. thank god. Hopefully,this can remains forever..who wants to experienced this again?I think all Malaysian agree with me...and clearly nature force is greater than us.The great lesson for human,we must preserve our own forest and not need to sacrifice our own life for development.To Indonesia Govt,please...on humanitarian attitude,stop the open burning on your land coz it may affected health of 26million Malaysian.The numbers may smaller than yours but this is related to life.Not thing or toy to be played for.Our sacrifice cannot be paid or even be converted to the money only because of your coveted attitude towards money is more important than our life....Please..

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