Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Malaysian Attitude: Believe it !

Malaysian has been touted as the most "ramah" people,soft spoken and kind-hearted.Is it true?I i can see most of us didn't qualify to bring along the Malaysian tag since they:
  1. Malaysian that working in Services and dealing with people are not well mannered ; i experienced this for many times and one thing that i wanna share with all of u, i asked one man worked as Bus driver about the bus fare,he just stood quietly while waiting me to put money into the tabung OMO.So i just put rm1.50 instead it was only rm0.50. i still kept the ticket which contains information of his id,dat and bus number.Actually it was the feeder bus for LRT.I was thinking that our people are not consistent in being well mannered and kindness to everyone of us.Maybe if i am the Malaysia Prime minister then this driver wanna entertain me,but at that time it's already too late..
  2. Not educated with cleanliness, u may agree that even there are dustbin everywhere but i dun know why the thrash is put outside of it instead it is still empty.i also saw that for many times our people tend to littering instead the dustbin near with them?Was is can cause us harm if we throw the thrash into dustbin?U have the answer...
  3. Didnt flush whenever use the toilet,i really hate whenever this happen when i come into the toilet.I can smell and see unpleasant thing which may also make tourist our attitude towards our cleanliness.Malaysian,we know that public toilet is made for public.So,as a named of Public,let us together keep these toilet clean.
  4. Courteous?;not yet coz i dont see it in our people.At LRT,not many of us would give their seat to the person that really needs to have a seat such as pregnant woman,old folk and even handicapped people,instead they just pretending there isn't anything happen
To be continued..

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