Sunday, August 07, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 preview...Farah stealed the limelight

Last night, the answer who will eliminated has been unveiled...i follow this reality tv show since it starts for the new season which now is the 2nd,malaysian idol 2 ...entering the phase which only contains 8 contestants after Azam has been kicked out from the competition instead he gave one of the best performance of the night. Before this judges and me also shocked that Trisha and Attilia who famously known becoz of their vocal and voice also eliminated from the previous round.i really wanna see ejay kick out from this competition...she saved twice despite her not so good and sh**t performance.Sorry to say ejay,but if the next round u still giving this sh**tting performance, i hope M'sian voters open their eyes widely.Please..Please..Please,this is Msian Idol not Kampung Idol...It's true that Msian still not wise in voting for contestant,they only vote for appeal not from talent.i voted for Trisha and daniel before the round which saw she being thrashed out.Sadly but it was already passed..and the last round,i vote for Farah since i saw her improved a lot and afraid that she will emulate the same path as Trisha.Before this,i ignored her ability but the last round on Friday really made me open my eyes after she stealed the limelight with Pocahontas theme song..which be touted as the best performance of the night.Thats not my word but also from Roslan and kak Gee.Roslan said "Bagus" while Kak Gee said "You are improving each round"..yes,definitely she has good package,not just has good voice but also pretty.She similiar with Jasmine Trias,American Idol 3...coz u know,Farah also put flower on her ear for the last 2 round same as Jasmine. Fyi,Jasmine went out for every round with flower on her ear and won the 3rd place i American idol. will Farah gonna get the same position if not better? well,farah..i will vote for u as long u give good performance..,u know..i voted 3 times for this gurl..and luckily she still in the competition...Good luck Farah ! but watch out these contestants; Faizull, Adam, Daniel and last but not least Farah..Here are sum photos and biodata related to her.


Farah Asyikin Bt. Zulkifli
Age: 25
Date of B
Name: Farah Asyikin Bt. Zulkifli
Date of Birth:
Private tutor of English and Maths
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL
Auditioned in:

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Nova said...

I like Farah too... I thought she should've won instead...