Friday, August 26, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2: Spectacular 5

Top 6 idols

Tonight again 6 idols will competing for their survival in this reality show.Adam,Ash,Daniel,Farah,Faizul and Nita will singing Rock genre songs for tonight which in my view,true rocker Faizull will not faces any difficulties to deliver that type of songs but the main threat is for Daniel who is more on R&B type of singers.

MI2 has seen many unexpected results which based on trends,they being voted by their popularity not from the performance on stage.Who will be eliminated next?The possibility is higher on gurls,Farah and Nita since even they were performed and delivered songs well but last Sunday night told Malaysia everything.Last sunday night,3 gurls were on the bottom inspite good performance from them.

Scary experienced by 3 gurls even fave best performance.Nita (best performance for last spectaculars) amongst the three lowest being voted for

Xerra(red-haired) was eliminated while Farah escaped to still survive in the competition.

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