Thursday, August 18, 2005

Malaysian Idol Diary

What idols wanna say after they are now competing and there are 8 idols left in Malaysian Idol?Malaysian Idol Diary aires on 8tv for every Thursday and it is a 30 min show which highlights every moments all idols left in M.I and expresses their thought about any that they wanna shares with Malaysians.What they have said?U guess it..

  • Faizul -> He thanked to all supporters and did not believed that would get such enormous popularity.
  • Xerra -> The red-hair and uniqueness style compared to other idols,unveiled her 3 excotic pets(what a girl..similar passion with Angelina Jolie).U name it,lizards and snakes are those that owned by her.
  • Adam -> Also spoke about popularity circulates around him. He tends to be as himself and wont changed regardless his position right now.
  • Farah -> Opened the conversation with talked about famous and popularity,same as her compatriots. She feels normal about supports she get but it will not affected with the environment and wont change her attitude.(Caiyo !) She never thought she will ever reached up to this level and reached Top 7. About d' image,she will do her best on the stage and connect the image with songs and promises wont portrayed herself as plain and single person on the stage.Lastly,this whole experiences will never change her as her used to be.She still the same person.
  • Ash -> He said mostly contestant are being hipocracy,"talam dua muka" because they cannot expressed their feelings and intensity.People only knows themselves it they get closer each other.(Hm...i hope all of you can show your true-self,it is useless giving us fake as what you are)
  • Daniel -> Mentioned about being Top 7 which came so sudden.He feels so excited when facing fans but orried the supports he get since he still not be used with that.He also said he missed his family so much (mama boy...hehe).He admitted he made wrong selection of songs in recent weeks during this competition,and will improve his voice strength and his pronounciation.(finally..heard from urself.Glad you realized it ,boy).last but not least,he tries to proof his existence is worthy and deserved enough to be in M.I2
  • Nita -> Shocked for the first time and concealed that M.I had changed her life.She felt sorry with her friends since the situation has changed not her that is changing.She also happy at the same time since many her lost-friend had contacted her back and asked about her new experience.Lastly,she announced that she still Nita that they knew.
So,all the best guys for tomorrow competition...May the best men win.
am_7riel is out !

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