Friday, August 26, 2005

Malaysian Idol2: The Diary

Who will be in same path as eliminated Xerra this week?

It is common for me to give reviews before all idols are competing tonight.The show will be aired on 8TV at 9.30p.m every Friday and those who wants to vote for their idols can do so by typing "VOTE followed by Idol's Name then send it to 33722 for mobile phone users.Each sms costs about RM0.50 or you can use fixed line which costs about RM.0.65.
I have watched Malaysian Idol:the diary last night at 9.30p.m aired by again 8TV.The diary is space for all idols giving their views,express what they feel after involved in the intensed and pressured competition.
What have all idols said in the diary last nite?

Adam ->Wore sleeveless shirt which was newly style from him glad and thankful that he still in the competition.He felt vey sad for Xerra's elimination and has explained why he was not cry anymore after seeing one by one idols eliminated.He also told his real life story that before this he was choreographer and admitted that whenver he listening to music,his body can resists to dance.(what a feminisme in you,Adam).Actually he was and still part of him,so watch him dances if you don't want to belive the fact.

Nita ->She also mentioned about Xera that she will miss and already felt Xerra's inexistence.She heard rumours said that she gonna be sunked after Xerra was eliminated.She even described and touted Xerra as her sister,someone who is really worthy to be friended for and also always complaint if something that is not right.For Nita's fans,she has promised to give the best performance in every stage aheads.For sure,she will.Caiyo !

Ashvin ->He was mentioned about Paul's negative comments for entire rounds MI2 so far.He then told has asked and further this matter to Paul personally at the backstage why he has yet receives good comments from him.Ash also wanted to give the best performance so that all judges will acknowledge his ability and at the same time can amaze and convince the spectators.He admitted that judges point will always be a benchmark for public judges which are Malaysians.Nevertheless,he unveiled that he wanna show who is the real Ash neglecting his principle before this,wore clothes that to suit his style and song's theme.

Farah -> Farah undoubtly the most improved idols said last sunday was the scariest experience ever in her life.She thought she will be eliminated.Farah wore brownish shirt said her performance was not so good because she let her emotion controlled her performance.She then explained that her father has given cloth that supposedly to be wore on the night but someone behind the scene(maybe the programme supervisor) gave advice that her cloth (given by her father) was plain and not suitable for show on the stage.Definitely,her father felt dissappointed and unappreciated with her and unprecentedly camera shown that last friday night she was cried in the fitting room.She even cannot controlled her feeling last night,and cried again.To all her fans,she apologised pertinency with her last performance and thanks because keep supporting her till this stages.

Faizull -> Faizull admitted his last performance was a lacklustre one and even in MI.He grattitude the supports gained from fans even he was not given his best last week.He then explained that he was too emotional when sang the song because the song described about person that similarly like him.He even told the secret that he was being accused by someone that he has changed instead he still know his grassroots and emphasized that he still the old guy named Faizull (It really hard to satisfy all,Faizul..but be who you are,do not change because you now has famed and popularity). He thanked to all fans who keeps supporting him with a big smile as usual.Go "orang kampung" !

Daniel -> Happy for all comments he got from the judges and mentioned that song that he sang last week was one of the malay songs that he can sing and love lots of the melody.He openly said that he does not know lot Malay songs but not insists that if given chance,he will sings malay songs again.Last Saturday,all idols were in Penang for showtour but the penangite boy(yes,he came from Penang) said he doesn't has chances to eat Penang's food which he missed a lot ( with your family?).He said he missed those foods (unlucky...dude) and during the showtour he was given full security since he gained most attractions from crowded and fans,especially girl for sure (uwaa....lucky guy).So,keep your good work boy!

Conclusions :May the best to all of you guys...U have rock my heart and all MI spectators and no matter what the result at the end,you all are the winner.Good luck guys !

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