Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Malaysians Attitude: Believe It Part 2

Littering at anywhere attitude

A week to go before i ended up my internships here.
Everyday i will take a walk from Apartment Seri Ara where it is located in adjacent with my uncle's housing are.I will take from there a shortcut through the squatters area.

I am staying with my uncle in Ara Damansara,Subang Jaya near with Subang airport and the squatters area that i usually used as shortcut is located nearby with Seri Ara Apartment and Sime Pilmoor's site office. There are many people that uses public transport are also using the same road as mine.

This path actually can cut off 20 mins for my journey back to my uncle's house.You all really can tell how importanct this road to commuters like us or you can say how much i rely on it everyday.

Sadly,there is something that that i really concerned whenever i uses this shortcut.I felt disappointed to any irresponsible Malaysians that threw rubbish,unwanted materials such as fraction of wall,pieces of terrazzo floor and even toilet bowl i seen it everyday littered the open-land along this shortcut.Countless piles of rubbish and stinky smell really make me compelled to highlight it in my blog.

Worsening the matters,these errant citizens also burnt these unwanted things openly.They may forget that Malaysia has been freed for a while from choking and thicken haze last week.I regret much they yet to learn lessons from this hazy story.
U name it,crows,flies and wild dogs has converged to this open-land-cum-dump site that may cause harm to everyone uses this area as shortcut.

I really wondered in our people,Malaysians' mind and how their thinking.Is it because there is no signboard saying that "No Littering Here" or "Fined RM500 If You Throw Rubbish Here"?

Or is it because lack of enforcement from Petaling Jaya Municipal Council(MPPJ) make this people ignoring the benefits of keeping our environment clean and without think deeply the negative side in doing this?

Here,i give you the direction to this place and take a look(if you are concerned and living somewhere nearby with this area).Perhaps TV3 journalist,Karam Singh Walia will come here to look and report on this situation.Look closer at the map i have attached here by clicking it.

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