Thursday, August 25, 2005

Me,myself and my harddisk

Recently,i have bought the newer harddisk and absolutely greater capacity than my current one which can carries only 40GB.But with an addition of newer one,now i have 200GB harddisk.At firsi i pondered to buy 120GB harddisk priced about RM290 but by adding Rm10 i can made to 160GB so,i grabbed it without thinking too much.I felt happy since this was my toplist since 2 years ago for my buying list,can you imagine that?Two years to buy something after made into my decision which something that is not common for every people,even my girl said that i am supersaver in spending my money.So,i explained her that why must spending on that things you won't use it instead you can use the money for other purpose or emergency time...and from that time,i think she agreed with my thought..And now ,my harddisk always accompanying me whenever i go to office...

Things that listed in my Buying list since two years ago:
  • DDR Ram -> Bought already
  • DVD Burner -> Higher prices when i bought it compared with current prices
  • Portable harddisk 120-160GB ->Just bought,160GB western digital ATA priced RM300,3.5' USB casing priced RM70
  • Digital Camera around 4MP,optical zoom -> Not yet
  • Handphone,with camera,bluetooth and Irda functionalities.Also with capabilities for memory stick,which can expand the Handphone memory.With 3G era,i will find handphone that can cater that service -May need to wait for longer time since 3G handphone still expensive.
  • Casual Shoe -> I like Bonia and Polo which priced around Rm270..Uwaaa,sadly i dont have much of that money.
  • Jeans ->Not yet
  • British India Style/Khakis slack -> Not yet
  • Sneakers -> Got one,got from my lover for my birthday present.arigato!
  • Broadband internet ->Later
  • Astro ->Later


Butterflyn said...

Nice blog u have here am.. can I put u in my list?

Am_7riel said...

bleh list ape?