Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Lovely Hometown; KLUANG

What's so special about this town from other town in Johor?Kluang is located in the middle of the state of Johor in Malaysia. It lies about 110km north of Johor Bahru,east-southwest of Batu Pahat,west of Mersing and south of Segamat.(Source from KTM's website).The population of Kluang district now exceeds 250,000 residents and the town itself has over 140,000 residents.
Besides of the peacefulness and calmness rhythm in the city,i shall say that Kluang main attractions come from its coffee house located at Kluang railway station-really good coffee plus the shop's specialty "Roti Bakar" reckoned by local folks or Toasted bread in English and half boiled eggs.As matter of facts,no visitors to Kluang should miss this local dish that is available for breakfast between 7.00am and 12.00noon and for afternoon tea between 2.30pm and 6.00pm.Visitors that love outdoor activities such hiking or mount climbing might find Kluang is the best option to do that.Kluang offers agrotourism inPadang Hijau,located at kilometres 18 of the Kluang - Mersing highway, near the junction that turns into the road heading to Gunung Berlumut which is situated at northeast of Kluang town.While for hikers can do climbing activities or exploring the rainforest in Gunung Berlumut.It also popular with waterfalls that usually Kluang dwellers would fill up this area whenever school holiday comes. Gunung Lambak also has attracted local folks to come there during weekends or in the evening.It is the perfect place for picnicking,swimming and mount-climbing since situated only 5km from city centre. So,if you come to Johor,make sure you come to my lovely hometown which i can grant you the best experience you will gain here and shall not be missed.

Gunung Lambak

Famously coffee shop in Johor or some say in Singapore..Hehe

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Anonymous said...

I'm a British born chinese, and I'm proud to say that my roots are in Klunag. Not only that but the "famous" coffee shop featured in this picture is none other than my Uncles coffee shop.
I love Kluang and am so proud to see a picture on the world wide web!