Monday, August 22, 2005

Open Letter For Alex Ferguson

Especially for you,Fergie

Dear Fergie,

Congratulation for Man Utd good performance so far, won two matches consecutively in your two earlier matches.right now,it seems that Man Utd is on the right path but i would like to remind you that it still long journey to be ended.
I doubted that you can still see clearly as i was..Man Utd doesnt played in winning tune,lack of concentration in defence and lack of imagination as well in attacking inspite your boys delivered very well. I warned you,Man Utd still not facing rival teams such Liverpool,Arsenal and defending champion,Chelsea.Maybe you and scouts shall move in faster pace before too late to grab good players and at the same time show the ways out for wasted player and were not good as their prices tagged.Let me help you into this matters. I have enclosed the lists that you are supposed to get right now,to stabilize and added depth to the team.
Thanks for spending time listening from ordinary people like me.

Yours Sincerely,
1st Ranked Worldclass Manager
in Football Manager 05 year2005-2014

Players that i would like to see playing for ManUtd :
  • Michael Owen; Sell Saha and use the money to buy owen. Then partnering hime either with Nistelrooy or Rooney.Or Rooney can be put as an attacking central midfielder giving support for Nistelrooy and Owen.Why buy him?He is a type of striker that granted you 20 goals in season, proven effective team up with Rooney played for England and has been put as fifth choice strikers in real Madrid.So,you can get it in a cheap deal...
  • Michael Ballack; world-class midfielder that good in attacking and also for holding position.Can get it approximately at 8M.
  • Anton Ferdinand; Rio's brother that has ability to play in either midfield or defence.Could easily get him around 3-4M. Nurtured his ability from our best central defenders such Rio,Silvestre,Gabriel Heinze to name a few.
  • Michael Dawson; former England U-21 squad that played in central defence.Rated around 2-2.5M and currently played for Nottingham Forest.
P/s: I will send out to you list of players that you should not neglect later...By the way keep up your good works.

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