Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Proud to Be Malaysian

Malaysia 48th National Day

This 31st Aug 2005,it will be 48th National Day for Malaysia.Lets Fly our Flags to show our spirit for our National Day.But,obviously there are many ways to display our spirits during Merdeka Celebration.For each year,we have seen much unpleasant rubbish right away after parade.Is this how we celebrating our National Day?This shows we are still not freed from unnecessary attitude as independence nation.There is still room for us to change our behaviour by keeping all areas clean after celebrating National Day.
Nevertheless,i felt relief Malaysia has been recovered from haze that made all of its citizens cannot run from this phenomenon.Thank god,the bright skies can be seen everyday not like the previous whole weeks covered by thicken and acrid burnt smell haze.
Think about it

Malaysia Flag spotted been fluttered at Subang Airport Control Tower

Wonderful scenery from roof view at my office.Rainbow was appeared when i took the picture

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