Friday, August 26, 2005

The Riel Story

Things that i did five minutes ago :
  • Drank plain water
  • Blogging
  • Surfing through the internet
Things that i will and planned to do so at 1 hour later:
  • Going back from my office...(Fyi,today is my last days here internship with MAS IT department).
  • Perform my Asar prayer
  • Change my clothes and play soccer with my friends here...(Gonna miss them one day)
Things that may i do tonight:
  • Having my dinner
  • Packing up my goods (going back to my home...really miss my home so much,some wise man says "home sweet home,man"
  • Watching Malaysian Idol:Spectacular 5..(ape lagi..hehe)
  • Reading theStar without any disturbance (just read the headlines and sports in my office...very shy lah to read while all of staffs here work.Internet never mind..hehe)
Things that may happen in 3 weeks after today:
  • Reporting what i have done here during internship to the university and at the same time,meet my beloved one.Pity for her since since limited time to spend together..hehe
  • Discussing to establish internet connection at my home with my parent...absolutely i will have to use some of my money if not all (they are not IT savvy and think all this is wasting money and nothing to be gained).Ha yalah mom and abah...whatever (hehe)
  • Playing Football Manager 05 (football strategy game),will continue as ManUtd's manager at the year 2014.
  • Stick back to my drawing hobby..and planning to send to one comic publisher.Just wait and see
  • Celebrating My Birthday party on this 2nd Sept ?I dont know...btw,thanks ya my honey for your present.Nice sneaker by the way..
  • Visiting my late grandma cemetery (one of persons that i loved so much)..She died two days after my birthday 3 years ago which i hated so much whenever September is coming to town.
Things that possible to be happened after these days? :
  • Get a job,dude...(that's for sure).
Things that planned to do 10 years later:
  • Get CISCO certification
  • Get Masters in Business Administration + Computing.
  • Start my business man..yeeha
  • Buy house and someone to be filled and accompanying me.(4 sure wife la i meant)


    Butterflyn said...

    happy becoming birthday dude!

    mei said...

    Sorry to bother you, but with regards to your previous post I thought that I shld post this on a more recent post. Thanks

    Hi there, I happen to be one of the 894 who will be running in Kluang.I have searched everywhere for a map of Kluang for the location of Kem Mahkota but to no avail. I was wondering if you are able to help me with this. Is it actually near the train station ? Is it accessible? We have to arrive at 6am and I happen to be one of those who still do not own a driver's license. Will be very very very glad if you can advise!!! Thanks heaps in advance !!

    mE said...

    Red Devil rules..dats fOr sure! *teringat plak si arip yg jadik fan liverpool yg x besh tuh..huhu*

    happy belated birthday.. & happy repOrt-making..hehe..i havent started on anything yet!!

    jemput2 aa singgah my blOg & leave a trace..majOk aa mcm neh..

    Anonymous said...

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