Friday, August 12, 2005

The Riel test for The Reds

Tomorrow at 7.30 Malaysia Time, Everton will entertain The Red Devils,Man Utd in Goodison Park. Luckily i can watch the match at mamak stalls,hehe. I expecting the best from two good teams since ManUtd was 3rd while Everton was 4th in EPL last year.As Man Utd fans,i dont want to see my team to lose the 1st battle and missed point in a first match same as last year which saw Man Utd beaten by Chelsea.The injury problem is 80percent get rid from Man Utd,only Louis Saha that reported cannot be played due to the operation took by him.So,we are gonna see true strength from maginificent seven;C.Ronaldo,Rooney,Van the man in Man Utd strikeforce. They all got the scoresheets in the 1st leg Champions League match against Debrecen which we won 3-0 in Old Trafford.I hope they can deliver it again and if not other player can score for Man Utd.Come on Man Utd,i trust on u inspite the takeover matter by Malcolm Glazer has shadowing the greatness atmosphere at this club.Glory Glory Man United!

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