Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spectacular 3: Farah again came out as best performer of the nite

From Left: Faizul d' orang kampung, Nita, Farah, Xerra and Ash. (not in d' pic are Daniel and Adam)

Night by night,this lad has proof that she has quality to be the next Malaysian Idol. I missed to watch this reality tv last friday night which on the night Farah once again steal the limelight of the show. Adam also impressed the judges by his own singing style of Anuar's song (i dont remember the precise song title but if i am not mistaken Semuanya Untukmu).On that night, Anuar zain has invited to be the guest judge also impressed with her performance said Farah is ready to produce an album and has sexy appeal...A week before, she was commented as too plain in choosing outfit that suits on her,but now she rised to correct her mistake and proof she has stardom appeal.Caiyo Farah...I also has voted her via sms for at least five times and one for Faizul.Worthy enuff,both of them qualified for the next round. This week we will see 7 idols compete in Spectacular 4 after Ejay was eliminated which this week we will see them sings a song from Malaysian composers.You guys can check the latest update on Malaysian Idol link on my blogspot sidebar,just click it. Here,i enclosed with 7 idols left and the princess of idols,Farah.Ohh,forget to tell you that any of you that wanted to watch them live can do so by coming to Plaza Alam Sentral every friday but i am not sure on how to get the entrance pass.

Farah with her sister after last friday nite

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