Friday, August 19, 2005

Spectacular 4, 19th August 2005

Hosted by Jien and co-host Cheryl Samad which tonite theme is to sing local composer's song. Opened up with Abba's song (which i really dont understand since didn't reflect the theme of the night); "Thank You for a Music". The first contestant was Nita and followed by other idols.Tonight will seen Ash and his fellow Daniel facing tougher phase singing in Malay songs since they never did it before this,but yet a shock performance by unexpected person.See my conclusion this Spectacular 4

Nita -> Sang Kris Dayanti's song,"Hati ini telah dilukai". Wore nice black outfits,she has delivered well for this song.I damnly amazed with her performance and all judges too,agreed with me. being touted and considered the best from her throught this competition and also the best for friday nite.

Adam -> Chosed to deliver cathcy song,Casey's "Seribu Impian".3 judges including 8Tv COO,Ahmad Izham that he delivered greatly but yet to satisfy Paul Moss as he said it was an average performance.

Ash -> Sang Famously song from M.Nasir,"Mustika" which i considered his performance was just average.really,i also can sing like that.Anyone also can but judges didn't agree with me this time.(hehe)But considered it as first time singing Malay songs,it was great efforts from him.

Daniel -> Sang duo songs by Anuar Zain and Camelia,"Kini Bebas" which i really like his performance.His best effort for this competition and gez what Paul moss said,he said he is like watching Taiwan's boyband singing Malays songs and he likes was awesome,Daniel.

Faizull -> The biggest dissappointment of the night and for M.I2. Reaching at this stage and as a Top 7,yet we being showed the worst ever performance by him.The "Orang Kampung Boy" chosed to sing Spring's songs which is "Menggapai Sinar" and started very well at the early verses of song but in a sudden,it became worst.His voice cannot reach low-notes and everything that he did,was not considered even average performance at all. Not just me was left in shocked but the audience at hall too...stoodly quiet after he finished his singing.Paul even said that it wasn't you as i knew before.In a sudden,the emotional heat the hall for awhile after seeing faizul dejected and wipe his tears.

Faizul in dejected mood

Farah -> Picked up Franchisca Peter's song "pendatang composed by Manan Ngah. good performance from her but wasn't good as in previous spectaculars.

Farah with her usual dazzling persona

Xerra -> Chosed to sing Sheila Majid's song which one time was Roslan's wife. Wore fully red long blouse from head to nails, i personally think she delivered well.But Paul Moss wasnt agreed that was good enough.

Conclusion: Nita's and Daniel's night based on their great performance.Who will be eliminated next even faizul put him in the dangerous situation. But,no one knows since Malaysian idol always full of surprised.

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