Sunday, August 21, 2005

Spectacular 4: The result

Tears from Faizul last Friday night eventually turned for Xerra,Malaysians has voted and shown her way out from M.I2. Thanks to your vote Malaysians,once again disappointment of competition. You all done great job in voting and kicking out the good one for the worst one. If based on Friday nite,Faizul deserved to take Xerra's position but the biggest disappointment was three girls that delivered well than guys including Nita has been received the lowest voted among 7 idols. it was unacceptable and ridiculous ! How u did the judgement,guys? Come on...
Well,Malaysians.U voted and have decided it,Xerra who was eliminated for this round. Now,M.I will entering Spectaculars 5 which 6 idols (4 guys and 2 gals) competing each other. Who will be in the same ferry as Trisha,Attilia,Azam,Ejay and Xerra?
Come on tolerate on these lads.judge base on the performace not by sympathy or great looks.Dont waste your sms by giving fake hope and creating fake idols coz that is totally wrong.Stand up guys and open up your eyes widely,pleasee....

Xerra (first from left) has been eliminated leaving only 2 girls in the competition.Will they survive?

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