Thursday, August 11, 2005

Why India and China is becoming workforce in world economy?

Guys,now we are talking about economy's all bout mature matters whereby i must know everything happens around my life.Back to the title given...well,we all know that both country are one of the biggest population in the world which if we total up their population could makes 3rd quarter of world population. before this, they are just minows in economy rather than Korea,Japan,S'pore,Taiwan and also Malaysia but their economy that rapidly growth has changed many investor to invest on both country. i have many reasons to relate it with why they will becoming workforce in this area which i figured it out through my reading everyday...Don't be surprised bout that..First of all, they have higher numbers of worker from various field.India for example is a target for ICT hub for California Silicon Valley because India is the gian English speaking workforce estimated of one-million.Dats is great number,u know...For sure,it has attracted many MNC company such we oredi know Microsoft,Oracle to invest in India. While,china which is sleeping giant now is wake from its sleep and emerge as new tiger and needs not to be ignored...China people attitude should also reflected its economy . they always concern about time,punctual, hardworking,nothing impossible attitude,willingness to work more than usual,keen to learn and many +ve attitude yet to be mentioned that are not many we can see in our people..Malaysian.That's what i regret...Ok,i'll continue on this since i need to continue on my work.Bubbye...

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