Monday, September 12, 2005

Amazing experience

Spectacular 7

Last week was the week that i cant forget after i have watched all idols in Malaysian Idol2 with my own eyes.The disappointment was only i didnt have chance to take photo with my favourite idol,Farah but as small present for me was i have chance took picture with Faizull,Ashvin (eliminated in Spectacular 6),Paul Moss (judge), Gee (judge), Awie(guest judge),Slam guitarist that i wasnt remembered his name..Hehe.Yepp,forgotten to mention i has their autographs too...

Farah was awesome in her clothes but not with her rendition but one who tipped the best of the night was Nita,and her fans too...But praised was deserved to all idols after shown their tue potentials in preventing them dismissal in the competition,for sure.

the result ->Once again Daniel was thew highest been voted out and Farah was the 2nd highest,which i think she wasnt deserved that place if based on her lacklustre performance.Yet,Nita who sat in bottom two with Faizull and Malaysia,u have voted out Faizull from the competition.paul wasnt satisfied with voting trends which he seen that whenever idols gave worse peformance,they will mobilised and voting with their all heart but act differently if their idols gave good performance by predicting he/she can going thru and survived in the competition.I agree dude with u...

p/s: I will show to all of u photos that i took on that night..just wait and see

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