Friday, September 30, 2005

Daniel stole the Malaysian Gurls' Heart !!!

1st - Daniel

2nd - Nita

3rd - Farah

4th - Faizull

5th - Ashvin

Malaysian Idol2 Winner:Daniel

As predicted,Daniel won the MI2 with 63% over 1.67millions voters.What a gap from the runners-up,Nita that basically had shown great power that night.Roslan Aziz,one of the judges also said,just give him one reason why she cant be the next Malaysian Idol,but i think Malaysian had answered his question nicely.Whoever the winner is, i think,they had won Malaysians' heart by great renditions and had shown Malaysian their true talent.The winner took back with him if not future fortunes,the contract with Sony-Bmg,wow!!
That nite,each of them sang 3 songs including new MIdol's them song "Mimpi" created by one of Innuendo's members(absolutely you guys who stays outside Malaysia wont know him,sorry though..hehe).One song from the judges choices and one from idol's choice.They really made audiences in Genting Arena enjoyed and worthwile even many said this final not so great compared to last MIdol,Jaclyn..but for me,they have difference abilities,uniqueness and also genres they suited to sing.That's ridiculously unfair to make comparison like that...really.
Whatever to both idols,well done !

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