Thursday, September 15, 2005

My World,are we the people called Human?

My Riel World

These recent weeks we have been shocked with many things,to name a few such as Katrina hurricane that attacked United States,somewhere in New Orleans,while in Southern Thailand and Iraq,there are still no improvement of situation even the super side of America has interrupted in Iraq but as matter of fact,it is worsening.In china,people there are now having big floods,while in Japan the same hurricane but with difference name has made many people lost their shelters and many facilities had vanished.Yes,indeed all scenarios that have been mentioned above was started by us,human and now as we can see,we got the paid back after what we have done.
Katrina Hurricane for example no need to be introduce since it has made all people around the world headache because it had ruined 3/4 crude oil production that eventually made the price of crude oil significantly increased.Ignoring what the disadvantages of this natural disaste that seems show us to be aware that God is more superior than us,(regardless what religion you are).I still wondering why must people take advantage whenever natural disaster happens or chaos started by human?For example,in New Orleans after struck with Katrina,there was significantly increased in robbing,raping and even looting.Why must all these happens instead we must stay unite and helping each other?
Maybe,what i have reviewed here lesser than burden of all people in the world that suffering with these natural disasters,but as one called human i would like to pay enormous condolescense to them and hoping that they are strong enough in facing the biggest test in their life.

P/s:I dunno how to contribute or doing my respnsibility as human,but if you have any idea maybe we can share a lil bit...thx

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