Sunday, October 02, 2005

Selangor Cherished, Perlis Perished !!!

Treble Chaser has Made it !!!

Selangor's captain Shukor Adan lifted the Malaysia Cup trophy jubilantly

Last nite,Selangor wrote one more historic moment to our national football stage after easily whipped defending champion,Perlis or known as North Lion 3-0 thanks to its machine goalscorer from Indonesia,Bambang Pamungkas.Selangor has just lifted FA Trophy last week also by defeating defending champion,Perak with 4-2.Bambang also scored in that match.
The trophy also meaningful for Selangor by winning it for 30 times.No other country in Malaysia can compete or equal Selangor achievements in this championship after all and for sure the first in country to win treble which was the best outing
this season shown by them.
Below here,i had stated all championship happened in our country and its winners.

Malaysia Super League - PERLIS
Malaysia Premier League - SELANGOR
Malaysia Cup - SELANGOR

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