Monday, December 12, 2005

2014 World Cup, anyone?

Bronze winner in Manila Sea Games

Malaysia's football authorization,FAM was targeting 2014 and 2018 to enter the prestigious tournament in the world of football,World Cup....for me,nothing is impossible and with a proper planner,proper training and facilities such as supplying good food,good physiotherapy and etc(needs to be identified by FAM...hehe,it's rally painful to think in more details,let them think as it their work..hehe).Furthermore,our physical facilities such as stadium and field are ubiquitious and the only setback is why our player can achieve good performance as poor country for example,Ivory Coast,Angola to named a few...No need to remind that our rank is 115th(if not mistaken...i am not remember but precisely over than 110th places in the rank standings..quite bad rite?).
I was wondering where are the young players have gone after winning Nike Cup and several outings at the age of 14 and my opinion,we should keep them and train them instead letting them go because from here i see we are lacking on..Search the talent and then just let it go.The right way is find the talented player at this age from several positions and keep trained them after donned National jersey at their age...and backing them financially by putting these player into Football Academy that has already established here such as Arsenal Academy and Brazil Academy...and if this happens,i am so anxious with our football journey and surely Malaysia that is starving for supporters will arise from its sleepy mode.

P/s:Good Luck but i hope it wasnt just a plan..instead must go along with good enforcement


Anonymous said...

with our lackadaisical players we have currently and management,that is FAM,i could not see anytime soon our nation will set our foot in World Cup

Am_7riel said...

we have to wait another 4 years to break the history advancing to the 3rd round of pre-world cup for the 1st time.Hopefully the next 4 years!