Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sudden Recipe...made by men :Kailan Beef

Now,for the first time in my blog i will talk bout culinary that in sudden unleashed from my mind and talent cook inherit from my mum.Belive it or not,ask my mum...muahah.
actually this dish i have unexpected found it when i was in the middle of starving mode and nothing much ingredients in fridge.there were only beef,ginger,garlic and kale(kailan) and for sure u must cut it first into slices to make all of items/ingredients we have in smaller size.I was fortunate that at the time,the kale still young and i can still use it to diminish my starving stomach.Once again,thank god...
ok,preparation is actually simple...around 15min and duration for cooking time is around 10-15min...Simple rite?
first of all,bring stock to the oil then put the garlic and ginger and beef.Wait till the beef is tender,i dun know how to estimate but exactly around 20min...Then,put some "perasa" but actually i put oyster sauce(it depends on u..for my opinion)...this is what i called try and error.Like programming and computing style...Last but not least,make sure the liquid thickens before u take it out...Now,it's ready to be eaten.

P/s: Simple but proven worthy to eliminate starving.

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