Friday, December 23, 2005

Thanks to God

Thanks to God

Today is 23rd December and few days more we are moving into new year which many people seek for new vow for better living...I wasnt interested to make any vow or get any commitment for new year since i have satisfied with what i already achieved so far.

Well,before we talk and think too much for new year,the next day after tomorrow we will celebrating Christmas and i would like to wish everyone who involves with Christmas especially Christian people "merry X'mas".I was thinking like it was just yesterday from the Tsunami incidence which happened on 26th Dec that brought sadness to many countries like Acheh(in Indonesia), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives and not to forget Malaysia before entering 2005 at that time.Now,it was already a year after it has happened.From the facts,this catastrophic wasnt happen once on 26th,or in other words in the middle of many people from over the world still celebrating Christmas and beginning to prepare for the new year,we have been surprised with Tsunami in several countries (badly damaging Acheh and Sri Lanka), The earthquake in Bam (Iran) and Greg typhoon in Sabah (Malaysia) were also happened on 26th December. Maybe we are denying that these were made by us,but made by God but maybe we should learnt something from these catastrophics that happen for many times on 26th Dec...Maybe God is angry with us...or should we say these happened by natural disaster? but why must on 26th Dec which has happened not just once? Maybe the way we are celebrating should be change instead we must thank to the God,pray to her that luckily we are still here,living and given chance to celebrate Christmas and a New Year...

Once again,people out there no matter what races,religions,countries...disregarding any barriers,i would like to wish u all "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year".

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