Monday, January 23, 2006

Reds bow out to Man Utd !!!

Rio headed into Liverpool's net

The Devils jubilated for the only goal against Liverpool

What happened?Rafa being silenced with last minute goal

kua...kua..puas ati aku,satu2 rekod team lebur kat Man Utd.Last nite,another rival also fallen down to Man Utd..after halt the 49 unbeaten Arsenal's match, halt the good run of Chelsea in the EPL and now halted the Liverpudnian celebration of 11 matches unbeaten....muahahah. With limited choice in midfield after Ji-sung,Scholes,Alan smith and Ronaldo have been ruled out for various reasons, fergie puts rare Ryan Giggs and O'Shea partnering in central, while Fletcher and Richardson on the right and left of midfield....amazingly,Utd still can absorb every threats and came on as winner of the game. This game is nothing more than match to fight for 2nd spot after Chelsea has already 14 points infront after they shared point against Charlton by 1-1. The goal only came in the late of the game as Ferdinand scored it from header...which saw his 3rd goal within 6 weeks....and by the goal,Man utd still in the 2nd spot 4 points above Liverpool and still trailing Chelsea with 14 points but Liverpool has 2 game in hand. The final score 1 to Man Utd and nothing to Liverpool...


mE said...

suke..suke..suke @!~

aku sayang ferdinand @!~ hahaha!
aku YM arief..dat fella yg eksyen dgn liverfool nye ituhh..die kate kite naseb jek..
aku x kire..
naseb MU lagi baek aa jawabnye!!

suke..suke..suke @!~

Am_7riel said...

kui...kui...u r right along!agree with u..