Friday, February 17, 2006

I,myself and my student

Today,17th feb 06 my students will having ,mid term exam for subject C programming.So,as a norm,started from yesterday many of them(x kirela student of mine and others) have consultation with me...that a maybe a good sign but maybe not a good sign coz' it means they all study for the last minute..(maybe they all want to emulate from my style of doing :)
Yesterday,i asked several students that got lower marks in this subject to meet me personally,so i asked them why their mark is so worst and why they all just stood quietly without asking question to me...and gez what? They all said shy to ask me eventough they all are male...hahah,once again made me wanna burst out laugh. Then,because it was personal meeting all of them looks relaxed in asking whatever question that played in their mind...I really hope they all at least can get good marks if it wouldnt excellent marks...i also encourage them for next classes to just ask whatever question un their mind disregard whether they think that question is silly one or not...because we really do not know the question is silly or not...question is still question,and sampai bile pun if u do not ask...the question tak akan terjawab...only kept playing in ur mind...ape yang made me shock, when every persoalan or masalah yang they all did not understand have been solved,everyone of them went to me and hulurkan their hands as symbol of thankful .Mase tuh,i was really terharu and xtau nak kate ape...eventough ur ofis hour dah berlalu,tapi i still ask them to meet me since i realize tuh was part of my responsibility.
that was on yesterday,for today...just few hours ago started at 10am till 12.30pm tadik, once again other group of students(app 9 students) came to see me ask this and ask that....and i really hope that they can get flying colors for their midterm tonight...

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