Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My New Hobby

I believe that most of you who be friended with me,could burst out lough after reading and knowing this my new hobby....actually since i have big money in my pocket,i always spend my time during weekend by visiting IKEA..(hahah..see,i can grant u all are laughing now...cis!)
What i did there was just window shopping and at the same time planning the decor for my future home...haha(once again u might laughing now...rite?) Dont be surprised with this my new hobby since i always come to IKEA with my mum since i was teenager at school(at that time IKEA still rent a place in One Utama...it was long story,and start from there,i love loittering at IKEA...their products looks simple but for me sleek and affordable to buy...(lagik2 like young guy like me...kan?)
So,that is my new hobby....whether u all believe it or not.hahah

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