Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Riel Journey

I really couldnt believe it with my own head,man! I am now counting days for the end of this semester(end of March..approximately) and then i will spend my whole 2 months with my beloved family back at Kluang...miss my garden at home(spend time during evening). miss a lot to dishes prepared by my mum,love loittering around with my school mates...miss a lot laying on my bed without thinking when i supposed to wake up from my sleep..hahah.
Eventough,i kept thinking bout those things and starting to flatter me very much...but what i am most concern is in the next few month,i will not seeing my students anymore since this is their final semester...(who will not sad to see his students leaving and say goodbye?after few months being together,teach everything that i have and could,seeing them progress from nothing and now already established in programming,i would say i really sad to see them leaving...but this is all part of our life,there must be start and the end.
to all my students,all the best man in whatever you choose for your life path..Chaiyok! Aja-aja fighting..hahah

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