Thursday, March 09, 2006

my Riel imagination

Dreamt these moments since long time ago

When i was watching Pride's theme song, my mind terbang entah ke mana...teringatkan for whole things that happened in my life plus my regretful moments which i wont have a chance to roll back the time to fix that moment.

What i have been missing was, i always dreamt that my gurl will watching me ,accompanying me everytime when i have football tournament.

I had that chance while i was 14,15 years old playing in front of many people(proud giler mase tuh) and the girls were all jeering and chanting your name..(wahaha...).

Tapi, apelah special sangat with all that if nak compared with ur own gurl does the same...the feelings would be so much special.

I still remember when i was at my peak,i have been selected to play in under-18 squad eventough i was just in form 2. Then when i was captain of football team which i had lifted the trophy for Football tournament at my school , the same thing happened,xde pon my gurl nak tgk and without any strong support from her.

I still remember in the final ,i have been kicked by a player from my opposition team after my team lead by 2-0 and my face was almost punched by him,luckily it wasnt happened,kalau tak,i will punch him back.

I wondered why he was so furious to me and after the macth he came to see me and stated the reason. He said he was too envious to me since my team lead by 2-0 and was enroute to become a champion,but the main reason was all because of my age so he could not accept the fact lost to the younger.

Sadly, all these moments whether happy or sad in and off the pitch, i had no one to share it with me.

But bile watching Pride nih...cast by Takuya Kimura(I think you all know who is he) and Yuko takeuchi (adore her very much..kawaii and she has innocent face), i felt really jealous and degraded coz he has someone watching him closely(bukan tengok kat TV for live broadcast,ok) for every match plus siap showing her passion supporting by chanting his name plak tu..walaupon this was just a story la i really want that thing happens to me too...

but keadaan tuh xkan berlaku,bcoz i wont involve very much like i was involve in the world of competitive football while i was studying...

furthermore,i have already hung my boots since my passion wasn't there anymore. Only sometimes,i will playing futsal...tuh pon very seldomly.Sad....sigh.

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