Thursday, March 30, 2006

my riel Job

gud morning everyone and i really wish u all will having a very good day today...after few weeks thinking and thinking,i have decided to take the offer from UIA..the reverse decision from what i said earlier....many factors been thought carefully and lastly,pray to him,the Only one, heart said i should take the offer from UIA and at the same time,rejecting from Standart Chartered...wallawei,standard chartered tuh...never imagined i have capabilities to attract MNC company(actually,tau mmg ade sort of ability to work in any companies...maleh jek,riak dan takabbur sungguh..hahah). why i made the decision difference from what i mentioned earlier?maybe people around me yang tau i will be going to stan chart will keep wondering why and pondering..and maybe some of them said i have made silly mistake...coz the offer from stand chart is greater than what i got in get basic rm2500 but exactly u can get there more than rm3ooo++...but not money that i am searching now, can get anywhere but life is a short one,and many things i still not get in my life..and by taking this offer,i shall give me chance to fulfill what i have desired for long times...and also to widen,deepen my knowledge as muslim sejati...bukan kejar duit jek but neglecting my spiritual...iallah


Anonymous said...

i'll alwes pray to HIM,so dat all ur wishes will come true. insyaALLAh. jus remembering HIM then HE will remember u.. :) -^jatuh_adam

Am_7riel said...