Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my Riel Life...gettin' suck

Terrible week in my life...like lost in somewhere but didnt know ape yg i lost...ntahle,but it seems deter my work rate and my mood everyday.I try to get rid by keep busiying myself,but seems x menjadik plak that way eventough proven b4 this. i think i am starting to hate my riel life that i am facing now...n wanna fly to place i eager to go since my univ.X sabar,really..and this week i'll make that dream comes true by stepping my 1st step...ah,maybe mcm mlalut sket this time...but hopefully,i can get rid all problems that seems branching each seconds which i really dunno where's the roots and what's the cause.

1 comment:

mE said...

i'm feeling d same way too..
maybe it's d time of d year kot :P

btw, layout blakang menyukarkan guwe utk mmbaca entry2 lho..huhu@!~