Friday, March 31, 2006

Watch out!

I feel disbelief and suddenly full of anger after browsing this particular website which without thinking malaysian and muslim feelings, sentimence and thoughts by intend or not, cursing our beloved country,to our leader so called as PM and last but not least primarily attacked ISLAM people..... F**king btol org putih nih(i think laa coz xkan le our people gak yang purposely do all these thing,kan?),dhle tuh..buatpe la korang menegakkan benang yg basah,dh negara ko tuh bastard sgt,hentam innocence muslim,serang and kill our brother and sister,senang2 ceroboh and jajah islam country like Iraq and Palestine, then macam2 ko wat our brother and sistem yang being prisoned kat Abu Gharib prison,pijak and not respect our holy quran, plus terang-terangan kutuk our prophet,Nabi Muhammad S.A.W,and now accused Malaysia as terrorist country plak, sedap2 mulut ko ye c laknatullah ni...there are a lot of things if u all tengok bleh makes u all anger,hatred and at the same say f**k to them...why?they teased our PM,Pak Lah, and his late wife Allahyarhamah Datin Sri Endon, our former PM,Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed and most Saddened thing this site kutuk our muslimah as whore and love thier dick(Shit!!...bende alah korang dahle x sunat,nk accused us badly..definitely siol btol org yg wat this site...really make our muslim's dignity tercalar...). U all really must check this coz i knew this from sumone thru ym(thanx to deektn..if not,i wouldnt know this..really made me mad to laknatullah and kafir celaka ni) and FYI, these sites(siap ade part1 and part2..that's why aku ckp these sites,geram gilela) mmg purposely created to kutuk Malaysian and Muslims people. Check it out,dudez..

address for Part1:
address for Part2:

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