Friday, May 26, 2006

Need a challenge

Sometimes i feel that i dont want to work as lecturer anymore since i am doing the same thing for almost everyday,day turn weeks,weeks turn to months and amazingly,i can resist from these dull activities nearly for 6 months.Maybe,it is because i keen to get a new challenge everyday coz that the best thing describing me...always gearing up for a new challenge. But,what am i gonna do after this?I have two plans which are:
  1. Back to my hometown and take the offer as an assistant manager at one of the Oil Plantation Farm back there.
  2. Give full concentration and commitment on my agriculture business rearing livestock such as goats and cows, while managing my father's oil plantation farm at the same time.
I only wait for the right time to execute one of these plans...and perhaps,i can gear up myself for all chalenges that await for me.

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