Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tribute to a legend: P.Ramlee

Allahyarham Tan Sri P.Ramlee

Anakku Sazali dengarlah
Lagu yang ayahanda karangi
Sifatkan laguku hai anak
Sebagai sahabatmu nanti

The phrases from Anakku Sazali song until the catchy rhythm Bunyi Guitar song,name it,you would like it all. It is either you will sing along or dancing and shaking head accordingly.

It has already 33 years Tan Sri P.Ramlee left us but for some people,he just leaving us yesterday and till now we still felt the missing of an astounding talent that we have ever had.

Allahyarham was truly talented versatile entertainer,well-rounded person who was not only good as actor,screenwriter,composer,director,singer but also a truly friends.

Every films,songs that he wrote or sang still can be listen for many times and still fresh. Even u ntil today,we still could not find any replacement for him,not even any talent because he was truly genuine and genius in his field. He is incomparable to all singers,actor,director,screenwriter that living in this new era.

H was not just an entertainer but as an advisor as well through messages he included in his films and songs. Morale element, religious aspect also contain in every piece of his artworks. When u watched his films, it happens like there is a glue on your buttock that makes you do not want to leave your seat only till the end of his film. Cross fingers that anybody would agreed.Bujang Lapok,Pendekar Bujang Lapok, Seniman Bujang Lapok, Ibu Mertuaku, Anakku Sazali, Musang Berjanggut,Hang Tuah were just amongst of his 66 films.

Maybe on his day life,many people were criticised him for his artworks saying that he was already past his prime of his time when he moved to KL,but for me he is truly the great icon,legend for our country,irreplaceable.
Al-fatihah to Him,may Allah put him in place promises to good people.

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