Monday, May 29, 2006

When Am talks bout wedding? huh?

What do i meant by wed? what the wed stands for?actually i meant the word for wedding...short form for wedding.It's common in Malaysia while school break, there will be many couples who take this opportunity to end their relationship with tied-up the knot or should i say it is not the ending but the beginning of their wonderful life after knowing each other for a some times.
Every religion that exists in this world sees the marriage as a sacred including Islam. Islam look the marriage as the prevention from other social diseases such as incest,sex outside marriage,rape and etc. That's why it encourages its followers to married someone if he has good financial backup or if he yet to has good financial status but eager to end his single life,he must 'fasting' to slow-down his emotional and sex desires.

What do i mean by saying marriage is sacred? sacred is honorary,something that very valuable,precious and you will keep it remains within your distance and cannot live without it. I believe,every new couple with admit that,but suddenly it's fade away like been flewn by the air which makes me ponder very much.Wife and husband must well-tolerate,understand each other,and have good discussion and conversations if there is matter arising between them. Furthermore, hugs and kisses must always been keep practised so that ur partner will realize that he/she is so special in ur life. "Ego" should just been left aside either from guys or gals if you want your marrigae remains forever,simple rite?but things not easy as we said..that's the obstacles u must faced keep this sacred thing. Agree?

Ok,actually i just want to dedicate special congratz to my cousin,Mohd Jupri after he ended his 'bujang' life by tie-ip know with his wife and really sorry i didnt attend ur wed since i have works to do back here.Forgive me and i hope this knot will remains forever...
So,when is my turn?Heheh...good question dude but i dont know how to answer that..only time will tell the truth.

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