Wednesday, May 31, 2006

World Cup: Preview

In the next few days, the event that we wait for so long will be back in town dude!!!!
World Cup in Germany is just around the corner. Many pundits have revealed their say who will gonna prevails as the champion.In the modern day football, all teams have same strength,use almost the same tactic, but the only part that distinguish from every team is experience from the past tournaments. There are more than 3 countries that can lift the trophy this time,but sorry if your choice isnt been stated here.

  1. Brazil
The defending champion looks very good sharp in every position especially in attacking led by magician,Ronaldinho. Kaka is no doubt has the best season so far with AC Milan and i believe his partnership with Ronaldinho can be dangerous to other teams. Do i need to introduce other players? Ronaldo,Robinho,Adriano,Edmilson,Cafu,Roberto Carlos,Cicinho,Lucio and not forget to mention Dida, the best goalkeeper Brazil has ever had. Who can beat them? There is no other team except from this team confidency,said legendary Pele.

2. England

Team that always produce trouble at the last minute through players injuries in their list. During the last World Cup co-hosted by Korea and Japan, it hopes depend through David Beckham and Owen, but these players unfit from their injuries and now once again the problem has occured. This time through its wonderkid, Wayne Rooney. Many betters had pulled their betting when Rooney doubtly will present for England but England not just rely on him coz' M.Owen, F.Lampard, J.Cole, S.Gerrard, D.Beckham, R.Ferdinand, J.Terry, A.Cole always give trouble to oppose team. Controversial always surround with this team and the latest was its coach, Sven Erikkson has included T.Walcott as backup for Rooney while A.Lennon alternatively for Beckham. Will these players emerged as good as other players in this team? We will wait and see.

3. Argentina

One of the hot favourite for the tournament this time. They qualified after get a 2nd place for Southern America qualifiers but hold the same point with Brazil. Like Brazil, its line-up also has well-balanced in every position and mixed with young and experienced players such Riquelme, Saviola,Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez,J.Mascherano,J.Pablo Sorin, Roberto Ayala and Gabriel Heinze. The only threat to this team is the injury that had by the back-four such Heinze and Ayala that hadnt played competitively for more than a month. A trauma been forced to go back early at first stage last competition and been draw the same group with Holland,Serbia and Montenegro and Ivory Coast could be turning point to this team.
Don't cry for me ,Argentina! hehe..

Other countries that have good chance to lift up the trophy this time are Holland, host Germany and a fancied Spain. These team can produce the good result if they believe with themselves even the line-up not very strong in every position like 3 teams i mentioned above. One thing for sure, Malaysians will come to work with sleepy mode since they must wake up from their sleep to watch this competition.

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