Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Conclusion for the day before today,Tuesday 13th June

I went back from work quite late yesterday,i think around after azan been louded by muazzin for isyak prayer. I settled everything before the examination for my subject that i teach here,consultation that never ends,key-in the marks for the latest assignment papers,and oh yes for sure marking the papers first bfore gotta key-in those to Excel. So,i can come for work today with no load from the day before. That's my style while i'm working,finish the work with best efforts that u could give and provide myself with unlimited time since i dont have commitment towards my own family(still bachelor..hehe) or whatsoever. I walked out from my office and then as usual went back to my lovely room,without uncloth lay my back on couch, enjoyed the World Cup match where Kangaroo bashed the Nippon. Suddenly, i got quite sad message..
"Arni Suriyani meninggal dunia sebab batuk berdarah"
That time, innalillah and it really made me shock...and i pondered a while,but who is Arni? One thing i am so sure she was somehow related to me coz there was no reason i got this message if i didnt know her..I replied to number that gave the message to me,Who is arni?and who are u that give this message?
While waiting the answer,my brain busy analysing how i am connected to Allahyarhamah? Then after the second message i know who is she....Allahyarhamah was my classmate during form5 but not quite active in class, no wonder i cant recall who is she. All that i can say, allahyarhamah was a good friend,true friend to all her once called friends and also good daughter....Even when she say something, you got to concentrate to fullest so that u can hear what she exactly want to say.
I still in shock coz 5ST2 class 2000 has now lost 1 good member, that no one will ever fitted in her shoes. I would like to say all my condolences to her family and hoping that they can be patience to this test from Him. Al-fatihah

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