Monday, June 05, 2006

I am coming,UK!

I am pleased however to confirm that an offer letter has been forwarded to you dated the 26th May offering you a place on the msc Computer Security programme. The offer letter should arrive within the next 3 weeks.

What's ur feeling if u r the one who get this message? When i read this message, i couldn't believe it and i thought it was just a dream but somehow i realize this is true. The moment that i've awaited so long, to further my studies and at the same time exploring a new world. My mum surely will happy if she knows about this. Once she said to me when knowing i have moles on my both foot, "along,satu hari nanti mak agak mesti along merantau jauh" and now her prayer is getting to become true..Mom's prayer,biasela...always afdal.

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