Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Red Scouting

The Red Scouting
By am

It's already two weeks world cup has been held,
for some teams they can breathe relievedly,
while some are still struggling.
The tournament is the platform for all type of players,
from all countryies to show their talents,to attract and
lusting big clubs to offer a contract to them.
Even a goldfish,if he shines in this tournament would become a killer whale.

Everyday i went thru to Red Devil's official site
to know its latest transfer news,but yet there is
news tells
the club will recruiting new name.

I am so please with Fernando Torres in this tournament.
Joaquin too...Both play for Spain.
Torres plays as striker,still young..at 22 of his age and still yet
reach his prime age.Agile,a sort of hardworking and pleased to run at a ball.

While Joaquin (pronounce as Hokin),play as a winger..
I've seen him for many times in La Liga which he plays for Real Betis.
He is not sort of winger like C.Ronaldo who has dazzling skills,or stepover skills
but he has pace and accuracy in passing
the ball like Arjen Robben of Chelsea...

It's a kind of an alternative in right wing for Man Utd...or
just switch the role of C.ronaldo at the left side,while Joaquin at right side...
If Fergie buy these young but talented players,Man Utd will having a good depth in
the squad to stir the monopoly from Chelski.


U dont have to describe this name,opss...this superior name i should say.
As one of world class attacking midfielder,i cant see why Fergie should let
Riquelme not in his squad.He can play as a feeder for the attacker...has superb passses,quality in controlling the ball, good visionary in play, scores frequent as well explained he is a sort of player Fergie must catch before it too late.

Didier Zokora,plays as holding position that has vacant since Keano left,but temporarily been held by Alan Smith (Smithy). Zokora has real personality for holding position,dares to catch away the ball from the opponent, creates a lots of chance,can dribble plus he caught my eyes in this tournament. Maybe his luck not on his side or for his country,Ivory Coast but his strength can reall help Man Utd to give balance in attacking and defending the ball as well.

These 4 players,so far are the players that from my view Fergie should get it...
Torres,already rise on his tag as wonderkid and golden boy for the Spaniards..now the highest goalscorer in the tournament. His price around 25 million i believe.
Joaquin,with his workrate i shall labelled him around 7-8 million.Maybe 10...
Riquelme,around 12-15 million while Zokora should less than 8million...
Approximately,Man Utd have to spend around 60million to get these players.
Outcome? U'll be the champion again...and threatening to any teams that will play against us.
The respect that we should get back...

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