Monday, June 19, 2006

Revelation of World Cup 06

The first round is just getting an end, but still i couldnt get any aura..
felt distracted to watch from start till the end of the match.
Simple...many teams or good players seem cant live the expectation or tag behind of them.
They struggled to beat the unknown team and barely to lose the match.

Czech for example,ranked 2nd in the world ranks..not just cant live up its name but
also lose to the lower ranks such Ghana. Even worst,lose with such 2 goals in margin without
any reply.
No one could give a certain answer for the future of this team,even they are ranked 2nd since they've been drew with mighty Azzuri,audacious Ghana and Mr.America.
Been won once,now lose once furthermore will facing Italy,
they need to win if they want to raise its expectation.

France and its icon, Henry seem incapable to produce the best outing for their country since 1998.Yet to win any macth since then was just lengthy of stories that can make the Les Bleus' fans at the terrifying moment now.
Prediction for this team?
it wont going thru first round and will be knock-out from group stages.
Cruel rite? but that's the possibilities. who can imagine the team that already lifted
the coveted trophy during 1998 world cup then,were eliminated at group stage
without winning any singles match and even a goal.

Dazzling magician,double Ro. Where art thou?
C.ronaldo and ronaldinho gifted with double-legged that produce dazzling skills
while running with the ball,but so far yet to produce
the same thing they have produced at their clubs respectively.
C.ronaldo has scored once,but only after converting the penalty against Iran which
Portugal emerged as winner.
Ronaldinho has been a silent name so far in this tournament
inspite his existence is badly need for lack-creativess from Brazilian side eventough they have vast number of attackers.World class attackers that can give
the nightmare to oppositional defenders and goalkeepers.
But will they reign as supreme for the 6th time?
Yes,if they play with brain and not just rely on magician cuz magician also a human,get fatigued and vulnerable to injury. :P
any comments for this?

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