Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ku t'lah Jatuh Cinta vs Dunia Baru

Ku T'lah Jatuh Cinta

Riby flanked by Radit (left) and Zaky (right)

Ku t'lah Jatuh Cinta,Indonesian series that hit since from it first episode and reached its conclusion on juz recent Monday. Starred by Agnes Monica (singer cum model cum actress), been helped by several young and talented group of actors and actress such as Zumi Zola who played as her boyfriend , Sheila Marcia (if not mistaken) who played as Linda, bestfriend of Riby( Agnes Monica) and younger sister of Riby's foe,Gina. I started to watch this series since Linda been introduced as Gina's sister. I really feel that she is the one who attracts me to stick with this series until it was finished. She is not just have looks but a kind of girl that has attractiveness inside and can bring happiness to people she mixed with...The way she talked,wow.. really can melt ur heart

This series was just like typical Indon series, highlights the envious and greediness without thinking other's feelings, put other's life in terrible,painful while one who while standing in happiness and for that i'd like to congratz to Gina( dunno what is her real name,so just use her screen name in this series) since she played her role effectively. Somehow quite irritated and annoyed if you have someone like her in our real world.

The climax as expected was happy ending story, but there was an evolution in creating good vs evils. There werent anymore good people been bullied by evils, (yes at the early stage of this series) but nearly quarter before this series finished, the scenario has changed. Evils planned lead by Gina and Zakky easily been traced instead they were trapped with their plan. Anyhow, this series should be in your collection if you are teenagers and Indon series lovers.

Ku T'lah Jatuh Cinta Casts

Radit,played by Zumi Zola as Riby's lover

Zakky, who really love Riby but used dirty ways in chasing her love

Riby on your left side played by Agnes Monica and next to her is Gina, who wants take Radit as her boyfriend from Riby

P/s: Unfortunately i cudn't find the adorable and pretty Linda casts by Sheila Marcia :(

Dunia Baru

Dunia Baru is a local series that still on air on TV3 which focuses of campus daily life but still cannot run from love story. The main attraction for this series come from its singer-cum-actress, Elyana.Opie(Elyana) admires one guy she has long fall in love since the orientation but yet to notice that her bestfriend start to make distance from her just because he loves Opie. He is casts by Pierre Andre.

Not much i can say bout this series since it still been aired and yet to come into its conclusion,so...if u have time feel free to watch it at 9pm every monday( shall i claim fees from TV3 for free advertisement here? LoL).
Indeed,it is teenager love story but also reflects the importance aspect of true friends, in knowing how to be a good friends.

So, at the climax i still can't predict will it be the happy ending between Opie(Elyana) and Pierre Andre, or will it be at the end of this series their relationships as bestfriend getting deteriorated, i still dont have much idea of that...

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