Monday, July 10, 2006

Long Hiatus

Forzza Italia !!!

What a wonderful moments for Italian lifting the World Cup for the fourth time and disgraceful ending for French maestro,Zizou or we known him as Zinedine Zidane after gave a headbutt to Marco Materazzi which i believed incidence that couldnt be done from someone who touted as one of the legends in football....Amazingly, Italy made a unique record by lifting the trophy one in 12 years and believe it or not, during the last outing which was Dog year(in chinese horoscope) the prediction who'll won the wcup was either Brazil or Italy and eventually it was Brazil and this time, it was also Dog year and Italy who has won the cup. Pondering juz now who has been voted as Most Valuable Players (MVP) for this outing but utterly not Zizou practically bcoz he showed wrong attitude for his last macth,n also last Wcup outings for him....

I nearly missed watching the match cuz i thought it will be started at 3am(Malaysia time zone) since almost matches commence at 11pm and 3am....when i woke up,2nd half was just to be begin and the result was oredi 1-1....Sorely miss the earlier 45 mins...

Fine,italy has won the cup and now shall put another star on their shirts next time but where is our country at this stage?Till when must our players just be a spectator n not be in front of us,showing their skills against teams that already establish in this worldcup?*sighing*
Sampai bile la nk tnggu Malaysia msok worldcup,ek?

I made a long hiatus since the last post about the res scouting and since then not updating my blog due to the things i need to be done before this October...Hopefully,pray to God day n nite that my wish will come true...Oh yach,during Sunday midnight i have futsal match which is the routine amongst us (me and my frens) at Extreme Park Sunway. Quite fun, that was the 2nd outing for me,but that day..dunno why,i felt terribly hot n my frens wre also agreed with me but that wasnt an excuse for us,since we managed to bagged a win over our opposite team we played with. But,our skills will be tested by National team(not pasukan kebangsaan) but team from National (prominence name in producing household like washing-machine,air-con and etc) since i was here not to give free promotion on this name..LoL!
Hopefully,i'll play well as usual that i gave to my team....:P and sumone to watch and cheerin for me when i was on the pitch...

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