Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh Flu,Oh Flu

Venue: My Cubicle
Being accompanied with: Pretty Ugly's Music(Diari seorang Lelaki)
P/s: guys have a diary? uwekss...

Oh Flu,Oh Flu

It's already 2 days i suffered with fevers,cough and the most irritated, flu. I dunno where i have been affected, was it because of heat? or was it from my ceaseless efforts in preparing my students with the subject i am teaching now?or perhaps,because the long and straight worktime i had for this semester.However, i am optimist that this fever will juz be ok before next monday. the only thing i concern is FLU....coz so annoying and irritating when it always wanna go out form ur nose...u can feel it flows in ur nose, makes u distracted from ur works....(adui...)

well, i had nothing to do at my room so i juz went to my cubic/office to settle every works that i think must be done. it was more take look at what u have been done last week and be prepared for the next week. it kinda compulsary works for me,routine for me. Furthermore, i dun haf to wori people grumbling on me when i was reaching at my room or maybe home sumday, since i dun haf any commitments towards serious relationship called marriage.

i am now thinking to resign as lecturer and looking forwards for that....Hah?shock?no need to shock cuz it's normal for young guy like me to change the environment whereby i believe after this to concentrate on things that i want to do for such long times....

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