Friday, July 14, 2006

Open up ur eyes,Malaysian

Recently,Malaysian has been shocked by 2 surveys,firstly survey from Readers Digest regarding of our kindness,soft-hearted so on so forth and the second one is regarding of our cleanliness in everyday life. The details i couldnt give here or precisely how they managed the survey but from what i've been read,the criterias are:
  1. Evaluating the sales assistants if they are saying thanks everytime they serves the customers.
  2. Oberserving the civilians whether they pick up other litters' and throw it to dustbin
  3. in difference situation by intendedly test our people whether they will notify the person if his/her valueable things misfall somewhere.
  4. How many people will give their seats in LRT if seeing pregnant women,handicapped people or old folks were standing in front of u?
These are some of the criterias that Readers Digest used to evaluate not just to Malaysian,but also to people around the world. with just 4 criterias given here instead of there are many more(sori since i cudn't remember the details,but maybe u can browse thru readers digest,will ya?) i am convinced enuff our people,Malaysian people is getting sick with good behaviour indeed reflecting our image as kind and polite.Indeed,we are now lagged back from other country in terms of kindness and politeness.

Just go anywhere and use these criteria while u shop,or commuted using LRT/star/monorail/KTM commuter you'll see that there are lotsa thing for our people to be 1st world where we went wrong?back to our root education,ask yourself as a parent,as a teacher,as a siblings how many of you cultivate the kindness and politeness (all ness..ness thingy) start at your home? Few will answer yes...

oh,now you'll agree that we are in indeed not so polite, please do not melenting and keep claiming we are kind enuff adn recent survey were wrong not reflect all Malaysian but please use your mind to remedy this problem(physiology problem towards our attitude...hehe), as wiser said if there are no wind, how come the trees were swinging?

while from the 2nd survey which i read on TheStar yesterday with sounded like this:
Clean hands a must
Poll: Most M'sians unaware that washing them prevents infection
The survey reveals that most Malaysians not washing their hands enuff.Sadly,a third of the respondents admitted to taking short cuts by not washing their hands after going to toilet.
34% did not wash their hands bfore taking their meals. Terkejut kan? Pengotor jgak our people nih...

okle,maybe after this u'll realized,
"ok,now i need to wash my hands pre or post in each activity needs my hands to be used"
since the fact that Hands were the human body's main contact points for microbes but many seemed to be unaware of this. it was our hands that cause the infection took place by carrying microbes to touch ur nose,mouth or the eye to enable them to get into the body.

we are now facing the more dangerous outbreaks such as the avian influenza and SARS but yet our people still unaware and not conducting the proper hygiene with basic thing, WASH YOUR HANDS ENOUGH but can produce major outcome.

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