Monday, July 31, 2006

Sale again...Yahooooo !!!!!

Sale again...Yahooooo !!!!!

Yeah...feel great this morning,my nose freed from terrible throat is on the way to recovered while fully health from fever. happy to gain my fully health eventually...

Em,to my KUKTEM colleagues, please be remember that we are on verge to have our convo this 12th Aug...but make sure you prepare earlier in accommodation since we must be as the hall at early as 7 am....means you all are advised to book hotel, the way,congratz to all of us cuz finally we will meet and celebrate our success with people whom we loved.

Another good thing is happening now,is we are in the mood of shopping again dude...
MEGASALE is in our town till this early september,gonna make ur pocket empty like its slogan shop till you drop....yeah,u rite man... it's time to emptying ur pocket(hahah)
while u had money,spend it till u left with nothing inside ur pocket.What a terrible slogan la...
i really love shopping but at the same time, quite vaxed with people chasing and pushing you like we chasing food while we are in kebuluran...teruk betol our people,kan?
and again, prominence shopping complex like ikano power centre, 1 Utama, KLCC, Midvalley, Sogo will be fast gain the shoppers attraction shopping there...Means,we are not just chasing the same stuff we do want to buy but also for parking's must be stressful,rite?
this time is actually good time to u all bargain any wishlist u had and observe our people's attitude while shopping...Definitely,we will say our people are selfish,greedy,didnt think about others and many terrible things la...(malas cite)

Nevertheless dude,have ur nice day shopping...kay! Shop till u drop (again,what a silly slogan..hahah)

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