Wednesday, September 13, 2006

intimidated being older

am's confession
I am scared to encounter that some day,i will having my own family,my new commitments toward life such as having a baby,encounter with a debts around my waist,what more? oh yach,if i am having a bad day with my wife one day,arguing and throwing or being thrown of pinggan mangkuk like ufo flying to ur face, god,save my good life now...
em,but we all will be older each year that is no doubt.the only difference between us,how we handle everything we encounter,either with cool reply or worst.Yeah,sometime i feel eager to lift these commitments to know how i will encounter when it comes to me....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

COOL brother!

yea, we must think for the future but please cool down.. breath brother, breath. Hehe.
be in the present first keh?
dun worry too much 'bout it..
insyaAllah you'll be a great hubby and of cus a great daddy to your kids! COOL!