Friday, December 29, 2006

Back to business!

Back to business! was a long time a go i had come to my blog,updating it and share my thoughts.maybe i am too busy with my other commitments such to my job,my jo and my job...hahah.or maybe coz i dun have any thoughts to be written here for quite some time.thing are back to normal,ditch the busy thingy for a while and reward yourself,dude! after all we are in festive season,christmas,aidiladha for muslim and new year eve...hoho. surely this week i will sit on my couch and watch dvds...nyeahh,sounds boring,but i like to spend my time at home...
Hepi New Year,Dude!


Anonymous said...

hey bro!

i have a new blog now.


Anonymous said...

May I know where are you now brother afham? Haven't heard 'bout you and of cus from you for a long-long-long time... Still teaching in MciiuM or ... somewhere else?

do change the link keh.. im no longer using the fs blog. =)

c yah and have a great day!

Am_7riel said...

hye farah n to all my students..i am no longer teaching,now works as Network Engineer.