Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I am back n wake up from my hibernate

I am back n wake up from my hibernate

It was quite long time i havent check n update my blog till today. People asks me where i have gone to?was i sick?or i have been married with sumbody and dont want to be friended anymore and many questions raised from my dearly friends,ex-students n etc.Many things happened to me especially the sad one(actually many sad events occurred) but i know it wasnt worth to look it back (hell yeah we need to keep it in our memories to learn it) and make it as loop for my success. my gurl left me bcoz some other reason (i really cant stand coz it was so painful...damn d world looks so gloomy since then). However,i vow to myself that is d only one of obstacles i need to go through and haf to proof dat i can live with it. I still remember my late n beloved granma said to me, the true men should not hide his tears admit his mistake but need not take it heavily d loss about if to be a true men. When only u can do that, then u deserve to be called as a MAN. i still remember what i haf said, i wont take my spit once i did it but to me, you dont have to take it,d only thing i need to do, just wipe it to clear the spit and make a new life....(this sentence i really highlight for you dude,cuz i know u will read my blog since u treat me as ur enemy)

So,what i am doing now?Now, i am working as Networking Engineer with Satyam(India's MNC company) and haf IT business in run which i venture with my best buddy which we are currently in process (still in business analysis phase) to produce wacky idea.Will reveal soon but not b4 i patent our prime product. Recently too i just bought my own house at Shah Alam (proud with my achievements so far). With so many interesting things waiting for me,i am so eager to face them and share with my love one.

Hail King Am....ahaks

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